After years of being a couch potato and with mental health issues Jules trains me weekly in her home where I feel safe and not judged. She takes on board my likes and dislikes and works with me so I can enjoy my workouts and achieve my goals.

Recently I joined her BOXFIT class which are so much fun with exercise made with joy and laughter amongst the group. No more embarrassing gyms for me whilst I have Jules behind me.


I recommend Jules Brooks @Fitness50 100%. I started the middle of last year as someone who was totally unfit and had no confidence at all. I am now completely different person in all aspects especially my mental well-being. This is all down to Jules and her sessions. They are tailor made to your capabilities and are made to be fun.

You don’t realise how much pushing yourself, Jules certainly knows how to get the best out of you. She is also very knowledgeable about exercise and diet. The BOXFIT Club on a Tuesday night is really good. They are a great bunch of friendly people who make you feel welcome. If you are unsure definitely send that message to Jules.


I started Jules BOXFIT class 8 months ago and a couple of weeks later Personal Training sessions with her too, at the time I felt so out of shape, had very low confidence yet felt anxious of joining any of the bigger gyms. My friend who had been going to Jules classes and sessions encouraged me. And having seen how much good it had done her I bit the bullet.

I felt nervous the very first time I went along, but I needn’t have worried as from the minute I walked through the door everyone was so welcoming and quickly put me at ease.

Jules is so encouraging and patient and just seems to have a natural ability to bring people out of themselves.

8 months on, I am so much stronger than I ever thought I could be, I have grown in confidence have much more energy, being generally so much better in my all round well-being, It had helped my sleep massively too, being someone who has struggled hugely with anxiety over the years I have definitely felt the benefit of exercise in my weekly routine , aside from all of that I laugh so much at each class, such great sets of people AND having a physical job I have suffered back problems a lot over the years, since strengthening up I haven’t struggled since, the list goes on.

Thanks, so much for Jules, for your fun, varied classes and PT sessions and for all the ways that have benefitted me since starting.


First time I’ve had a personal trainer . I’m no spring chicken either lol . I used to hike and during the last couple of years I have definitely lost my fitness , not been going for a while now , laziness on my part . I’m on my 3rd week now with Jules and enjoying getting my fitness back . What I like is its not like a bull in a china shop , it’s a gradual process which is what it should be . There is no point of pushing yourself to your limit if your body is not ready for it , you will do yourself damage which is what we don’t want . I like having one to one training and Jules makes you feel at ease with yourself . I’m definitely going to keep it up and hopefully when fit enough will join Jules in her Boxfit classes .



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